Mission Statement

Dedicated to supporting transgender, non-binary, and all gender nonconforming individuals.



Transcend was founded in 2016 by two parents of a transgender son. They created the group in response to a lack of resources in the North Iowa area for transgender individuals, hoping that their efforts would make their son’s transition easier and more fulfilling. Soon after, they realized the need for support in the area was greater than anticipated, and Transcend began to grow. What started as a simple support group meeting in one location expanded into three locations, a Clothing Closet, trainings, community outreach, events for the wider LGBTQ community, and more. Transcend is constantly growing and evolving, and we hope to continually find new ways to assist the transgender community.



Jessamy Orcutt, Executive Director

Jessamy is the mother of a transgender son and one of the founders of Transcend. As a member of the LGBTQ community, she strives to promote equality, but her passion is advocating for the transgender community. In addition to running the day-to-day operations of Transcend, she also facilitates meetings. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, collecting cats, and playing video games. jess@transcend.lgbt

Booker Murray, Media Relations

Booker is a transgender male and one of the founders of Transcend. He is currently a senior in high school and plans to pursue a degree in social work so that he can continue working with LGBTQ youth. Booker also works a part-time job in addition to school and working with Transcend. In his limited free time, Booker loves to spend time with his boyfriend, watch shows about the paranormal, and paint. booker@transcend.lgbt

Allen Murray, Board President

As the third founder of Transcend and father of a transgender son, Allen is passionate about making a difference in the trans community. In addition to being the Board President, he is involved with Transcend in many other capacities, from providing transportation to hosting content on his server. He especially enjoys making connections with individuals and helping them toward their goals. Allen is also the Director of Floyd County Search and Rescue, involved with local politics, and enjoys cooking. allen@transcend.lgbt

Katelyn Kaiser, Board Vice President and Outreach Coordinator

As a transgender woman, Katelyn has always wanted to help other transgender individuals achieve success. Although she only recently accepted the position of Outreach Coordinator, she has been supporting Transcend almost since the beginning, helping to guide and shape it into the organization it is today. Her passion for helping others makes her an invaluable asset to the organization. Katelyn is also passionate about biking, participating in RAGBRAI every year, and loves to cook. katelyn@transcend.lgbt

Morgan Dodge, Facilitator (Waterloo)

Morgan (he/him/his) is a transgender man living in Cedar Falls, Iowa. From as early on as high school, Morgan as been a passionate educator and advocate for the queer community. After being the president of his high school’s GSA, Morgan went on to be an educational panelist and facilitator of trangenda (a support group for transgender individuals) at the University of Northern Iowa. He graduated from UNI in 2016 with a BA in studio art with a minor in women and gender studies. After graduation, Morgan accepted a position as the diversity advocate at Friends of the Family, an organization that serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. During his free time, Morgan continues to create art, care for his dog child, and relive his childhood via Playstation 2. He is excited to be a part of the Transcend team and have the opportunity to better serve his community! morgan@transcend.lgbt

Gabrielle Orcutt, Board Secretary

Gabrielle has been with Transcend from the very beginning, working as the Executive Director’s assistant for some time before leaving to pursue other things. However, she still lends her guidance as the Board Secretary and shows her support often, rallying for the transgender community. Gabrielle loves to travel, spend time with her dog, Ellie, and is passionate about reading.



  • Transcend strives to provide support for any individual who identifies as transgender, non-binary, or gender nonconforming, as well as those individuals’ families, friends, and community. We support by:
    • Holding meetings, events, and activities where individuals can feel safe, supported, and accepted while they learn and engage with their peers;
    • Providing education and training to all who seek it, regardless of financial ability, as often as our time and budget allow;
    • Offering clothing, accessories, and toiletries free of charge to transgender individuals, as donations allow;
    • Assisting with the financial costs of transitioning, such as fees for name change, costs associated with medical procedures, and costs for items such as binders and packers, as our budget allows;
    • Assisting with legal processes such as name and gender marker changes;
    • Connecting individuals to each other in order to foster a sense of support and community through TransConnect;
    • Advocating for transgender individuals in school, medical, legal, and other settings, as they request;
    • Advocating for the transgender community by holding community events and trainings.
  • Transcend’s future objectives include:
    • Obtaining more financial security through grants, sponsors, and donors;
    • Training volunteers in order to allow for more available meeting facilitators;
    • Holding regular or mobile meetings in locations throughout the state;
    • Reaching individuals who require assistance throughout the state and helping them to the best of our ability;
    • Securing an office space in a central location in order to more efficiently assist people;
    • Purchasing a vehicle in order to provide transportation to meetings, events, and medical appointments for transgender individuals.