April 18, 2018

First and foremost, Transcend would like to welcome Katelyn Kaiser to her new position with us – Outreach Coordinator! Katelyn has been a staunch supporter of Transcend nearly since the beginning, and we are thrilled to have her on board officially. She will be leading the way in making connections with other organizations and individuals so that we can identify new opportunities and areas to cover.

We would also like to welcome Booker Murray on as Media Coordinator! As one of the founders of Transcend, he has been with us since the beginning, but we are excited to see him step into an official role. He will be connecting with media to share information and ensure that our events are publicized.

In addition to new staff, we have also implemented a new meeting schedule! Charles City meetings will now be held every six weeks, with Mason City and Waterloo remaining at every three weeks. With our free weekend, we have begun a program called Mobile Meetings. Instead of holding meetings in one regular location, we will travel to different areas each free weekend. If you’re interested in having a meeting in your area, contact us!

Last, but not least, we are pleased to share that Transcend Executive Director Jessamy Orcutt and Transcend Board President Allen Murray received KIMT’s Giving Your Best Volunteer of the Month award for April! They were nominated by Eliott Bowers, and honored with a plaque and television spot. Check out the interview here!

With warm weather on the way, we are busy planning our annual potluck and more outdoor activities. Stay tuned for more updates!