Transcend’s trainings are easily customizable to nearly every situation and audience. We offer trainings ranging from basic LGBTQ 101 lecture-style to more advanced sessions including audience participation and in-depth looks at the many facets of the LGBTQ community.

We also offer Safe Zone Training, an invaluable and effective way to certify your space as safe, welcoming, and affirming, and your group as Safe Zone Trained. Our Safe Zone Training has been adapted from the original Safe Zone Project, which is a nationally-recognized curriculum.

Fees for training vary, though we will work with organizations to find a price that works, regardless of financial ability.

We offer free-of-charge training to families of LGBTQ youth, and based on time constraints, will provide an open-to-the-public basic LGBTQ 101 training to any community who requests it.

Please contact us for more details and to discuss pricing.