TransConnect Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming part of our Peer Outreach Network, please fill out the form below. This will allow us to add your information to our database so that when individuals use our TransConnect form, we can match them with someone who fits their needs. Thank you for being a resource to your community!

Legal name is not required if you have a preferred name you use.
Please describe your gender identity here if you chose "other" above.
"Northeast Iowa" "Southwest Minnesota" "Central Iowa" etc.
Please describe your relationship if you chose "other" above.
Please choose who you would be comfortable being connected with.
We understand that not everyone will want to speak to someone outside their age range, so please indicate with what age ranges you are comfortable speaking.
Please use this box to describe your journey a little bit so that we can match you with someone who is experiencing similar things. For example, you may want to include when you came out, how your family reacted, how/if you are transitioning and what that entails, whether you are out or stealth, problems you have encountered because of your gender identity, etc.
For cisgender folks, you may want to include who in your life is transgender, how their journey has impacted you, how you reacted when they came out, etc. Please be honest - we do not judge and we want to be able to match people as closely as possible. If you were originally not supportive or struggling with your loved one's transition, please include that.
I understand that Transcend/TransConnect does not have the capabilities to vet each person who volunteers or requests a peer. I am cognizant of the risk that people may misrepresent themselves online and will take the necessary precautions to protect myself emotionally and physically. I am responsible for setting the boundaries that I feel comfortable with. I will contact Transcend immediately if I feel that I or someone I connect with is unsafe, or if I feel that someone I connect with has misrepresented themselves and should not be a part of TransConnect. I understand that I cannot hold Transcend liable for any issues or damages that arise due to my involvement with this program.